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Healing Therapies

Reiki (Ray-key)

An ancient art that works with the body's energy centers called chakras. Reiki encourages balance and harmony within the mind, body and spirit -helps enhance the feelings of  joy, peace and well being. Client is fully clothed during this one hour session.
$60 - 60 minutes
CranioSacral Therapy
A light touch therapy that can create dramatic improvements. CST releases tensions deep within the body's connective tissue and misalignment's of the cranial structures to promote optimum movement of cerebrospinal fluid. CST helps relieve pain and dysfunction to improve whole-body health and performance, allows the body to relax and self-correct. The client is asked to wear light clothing during this one hour session (no jeans or bulky shirts).
$60 - 60 minutes
Access Bars Session
The Bars consists of 32 points located on the head. A Bars session facilitates the clearing of limiting thoughts,, beliefs, feelings, and emotions that you may hold about different areas of your life and your body. These areas include money, aging, sadness, healing, and creativity to name a few. Client is fully clothed during this one hour session.
$60 - 60 minutes


ShinJiro (celestial chi) is energy work facilitated within the Akashic Records (innovative techniques not found in other healing modalities).

Join with your Higherself, the Masters & Teachers, Angels, Guides, Departed Loved Ones and the Ascended Masters, as well as other beings of support to help shift energies, amplify the joys in life, and witness the sorrows and struggles fade into unimportance.  

Brings balance to the vibration of the union of spirit, soul and human self. It’s purpose is to bring the highest levels of usefulness in physical reality of both the presence of action and love. Through symbols, hand placements and additional chakras there is a connecting of the work we do in energetic form with the powerful healing space within the Akashic Record. The beings of light that reside within the Akasha assist us in this work. The memories of who you have been, in past lives, and the recognition of who you will be is stored in the Akashic Record and brings us each to the ultimate truth -- our oneness with source energy.

$75-60 Minutes

                                             *Prices are subject to change at any time without notification