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Celluma Pro Light Therapy 

What is light therapy?

So what is LED light therapy? Light therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits.

The energy delivered is then used to improve cellular performance. Light therapy can be delivered through light-emitting diode (LEDs) devices or cold lasers and has a variety of applications across many medical fields.

It has been widely researched and is supported by thousands of peer-reviewed and published clinical research papers from prestigious institutions around the world. Other terms by which light therapy is known are photobiostimulation, photobiomodulation, photomedicine, LED light therapy, low-level light therapy (LLLT), red light therapy, cold and soft LASER therapy. All terms are correct, have the same meaning, and are used to describe the delivery of light energy to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic conditions.

The treatment is non-invasive, painless, requires no recovery time, and can be used safely on all skin types.

Celluma Low Level Light Therapy Benefits

  • Improves skin (wrinkles, acne, scarring)

  • Wound healing (bruising)

  • Pain (from injuries, illness)


Do not use if:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Suffer from seizures or epilepsy

  • Taking cortisone injections or any steroid injections

  • Taking any photosensitive drugs

Please consult with your physician if you are not sure of a medication or condition that could conflict with this treatment.

Celluma Pro Standalone Service

 45 min - $55

includes a quick facial cleanse, 30 minute light therapy session, and customized toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream. 


Celluma Pro Service w/ Peel Upgrade

 50 min -$70

includes the above w/ peel 


Celluma Pro w/ Peel Facial

 90 min- $110

Includes full 60-minute full facial service w/ peel and 30-minute light therapy session. 


Eco-Peptide Treatment w/ Light Therapy (90 min)- $125



ADD a Celluma session onto any service (including massage)

 30 min- $25

***Ask about our special pricing on treatment packages!!!

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